Only 30% of searchers click on the results on the second page of Google.

If your website is not on first page of Google, you are losing 70% of your business.

Search Engine Optimisation is a process of getting a website rank on Google for particular keywords, closely related to the website.

Bookings & Beyond is a SEO agency in Perth offering customised SEO services in Perth to its client’s across the globe. SEO is of great importance to every business not only because it attracts more customers but also it helps in reputation building. There are small businesses who hire local SEO companies not for just the rankings but also for reputation building.

There are many people who look after SEO for their own website or hire freelancers. In 10 out of 9 cases it doesn’t work, especially, if the search keywords are highly competent. It’s better to have a professional SEO agency rather than relying on cheap incompetent SEO agency.

At Bookings & Beyond, we understand that time is money and money is the bottom line of every business. This is the reason we, as a SEO agency, offers a range of SEO services from Perth. These SEO services are executed by SEO experts within the SEO agency in Perth. Our SEO experts are Google certified and are specialist in performing Google SEO.

We have a unique search engine optimisation process in our SEO agency, designed especially for local businesses. Our SEO experts analyse every aspect of the website including competitor analysis, website structure analysis, analysis for call to action on the website etc.

Studying the immediate goals of the businesses is also a part of our Google SEO services.