SEO – Eco Insulation

Eco Insulation WA is an honest and hard working company and unfortunately their previous online marketing company was not.  In September 2017 we were approached to review their SEO campaign with this existing provider and we immediately identified many areas for improvement.  Upon seeing our detailed review and admiring our own honest approach, the directors asked us to take over and start an SEO campaign that targeted the most competitive and highly searched keywords for their industry.

SEO Result, Increase in Visitors 300%

SEO for Eco InsulationWhen targeting the most competitive and highly searched keywords for a particular industry it is important that you have a strong understanding of SEO and keep up to date with Google’s guidelines.  By adhering to these standards, we were able to quickly rank these competitive keywords at the top of Google and have worked diligently to keep them there even since.  The end result for Eco Insulation WA has been a consistent stream of genuine inquiries over multiple years and a massive improvement on where they were at previously.