Website Hosting

We are serious about hosting and offer fast and secure websites, right here in Perth!

Your website is hosted on a computer somewhere but what do you know about this server?  Is it fast, is it reliable, is it secure, is it even in Australia?  Does your website ever go offline and if it does, would you be notified?  At Bookings & Beyond we host websites on our own servers and we can answer all the questions above with confidence. If your website is hosted with us, then it is located right here in Perth.  By being in Perth, it means that it will be very fast for your customers to navigate.  The websites we host are secure and run on fully redundant servers that are also connected to redundant internet links.  In the unlikely event your website goes down, we have procedures in place to notify our clients and rectify issues quickly.

If your website is a valuable asset, consider hosting it locally and securely with Bookings & Beyond.

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