Website – Oz Ice Cream Vans

At Bookings & Beyond, we designed and developed the website for Oz Ice Cream Vans.  Since this website was intended to produce leads for many ice cream van drivers in every state of Australia, it was always going to be a large project with over 80 pages.  We were also in charge of developing a booking system that works with the website. This booking system ensures that every time a lead is generated, it is dealt with according to a strict process, removing many of the manual tasks that exist when handling the finer details of important bookings.

Website Deployment Time, 60 Days

Our team initially had to design the logo as well as choose the website colours for Oz Ice Cream Vans.  Once those important details were settled on, it was a matter of piecing together a bright but simple website that was easy to navigate and highly informative. Once all the static website pages were completed, we went to work on the booking system and deployed a detailed booking form that a potential customer can fill out.  If a driver accepts the job, then the client is automatically sent a quote based on the information they entered in the contact form.